Thursday, 9 October 2014


All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy! A perfect statement given by someone we don’t know. But yes, let’s just follow his/her instincts and put our eyes on the following points:-

1- NO MORE JEANS:  Do not lie and accept this as a universal fact that unpacking the swim-suit is the best excuse that your kids make simply to enter a water park. Well, one really gets bored with jeans and shirt. So, here is the chance to unravel some of your outfits which have got their permanent location in your bed-box only.

2- CHA-CHAS & MAMAS: Then again- who doesn’t like a get together of cha-chas and mamas and buas and masis! We Indians have this legitimate urge to go on a vacation with the whole clan in the big family cars (more members than Kyonki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi family!). So yeah, a water park is the right place to blackmail all your cousins for their deep-dirty secrets and seniors for their under-the-table deeds!

3- TO SLAP MONDAY BLUES: Monday blues are something that even Rajnikant would beg not to occur in his never-ending life-span. To show Monday, that yes, you are brave enough to face it because you had a whistle-blowing weekend, move to a water park, take a deep freshening bath with your family and bang! You are back on Monday with the do-not-challenge-me look.

4- SAY BYE BYE TO MALLS: Sometimes a regular day out can also be boring. Actually everytime. Conditions applied you are visiting some or the other mall, having lunch at some or the other food-outlet and then back to home. Well, the day out’s actually lost here. So visit a water park and change your surroundings the way Karan Johar changes in his movie-songs.

5- IT'S A WATER PARK, DUDE: Money to Indians is no less than a Greek God. In any case, we want to keep the most of it (but more than our neighbours) and still show it off. So, here’s the deal:- water park for a holiday equals to a visit to New York(Indians you see!). And then you are Britney Spears too!

6- LET ME TAKE A SELFIE FIRST: Tadaaa- lights, camera, action! And begin the photo-session! New backgrounds, new people, new costumes and you are ready to get clicked by anyone and everyone. All set for group pictures of duck-faces and pouts and suddenly you become the show-stopper of a lavish Lakme-fashion week! 

7- HAWW, NO UPLOADING YET: Facebook is now our necessity and need of the hour. Tell anyone that you went to a family holiday to a water park and the photos still have their location at  E:\photos:\waterpark and get ready to receive a reaction as if you just robbed the World Bank.


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