Wednesday, 10 April 2019

'"Just Chill Water & Fun Park" is one stop solution for many activities. We have Water Park, Amusement Park, Adventure Park, Edutainment Park, Luxury Rooms, 3 Air Conditioned banquet hall & 2 nicely manicured lush green lawns to organize all types of functions. You can conduct team building programs, Day picnic, Over Night stay or any other customized program for your staff/ management. We assure that you will get more than expected as this fun park is most advanced, It is having largest number of activities in Delhi/NCR, Disciplined & trained staff, High on Hygiene, Serious on safety, Great friendly atmosphere, most comfortable, as most of the areas are shaded, commitment of total care.'

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

More energetic and professional staff to welcome you, serve you. More tidy, hygienic and perfumed rooms to make your stay comfortable. We always welcome and look forward to good guests like you for your next visit 
Management of Sydney Grand Hotel

Friday, 7 July 2017


                                                           ONE PARK.ONE PRICE

Make your day worthwhile chilling in just chill. You can   have real fun and make your children a happy children. we have rides for all kind of people. You can treat yourself and your near 'n' dear ones with in numerous rides, water park, summer concerts and amusement parks for kids. the park is perfect for families with dozen of slick attractions, from towering slides to twisting slides to aqua tubes and rollicking wave pools. we also have offer picnic spots, pool parties, rain dances, plenty of lounge chairs, locker rentals and food services.

So, What we are you thinking just come out with family and enjoy your summer vacation in Just Chill water park and fun park.

Thursday, 6 July 2017



All work and no play makes  jack a dull boy!  A perfect statement given by someone we don’t know . But yes , lets just follow his / her instincts and put our eyes on following points :-
1)      NO MORE JEANS – Do not lie and accept this as a universal  fact that unpacking the swim suit is the best excuse that your  kids make simply  to enter a water park . Well one gets really bored jeans and t-shirt . So , here is the chance to unravel some of your outfits which have got their permanent location in your bed-box only 

     2 )CHA-CHAS & MAMAS – Then again who does not like a get together of cha-chas and mamas         and bua and masis ! We Indians have this legitimate urge to go on a vacation with the whole clan in the big family cars (more members than kyunki saas bhi kabhi bahu thi family!) So yeah , a water park is the right place to blackmail all your cousins for their deep dirty secrets and senior for their under –the-table deeds !
3) TO SLAP MONDAY BLUES – Monday blues are something that even rajnikant would beg not to occur in his never ending life span . To  show Monday ,thet  yes you are brave enough to face it because you had a whistle blowing weekend , move to a water park , take a deep freshening bath with your family and bang ! you are back on Monday with the do-not-challenge me look .
4)SAY BYE BYE TO MALLS – Sometimes a regular  day out can also be boring. Actually everytime . conditions applied you are visiting some or the other mall , having lunch at some or the other the other  food outlet and then come back .
5) IT’S A WATER PARK,DUDE –Money to Indians is no less than a greek god. In any case we want to keep the most of it (but more than our neighbors) and still show it off !
6) LET ME TAKE A SELFIE FIRST –Tadaaa- lights , camera , action ! and begin the photo session ! new backgrounds , new people , new costumes and you are ready to get clicked by anyone and everyone . all set for group of pictures of duck faces and pouts and suddenly you become the show stopper of a lavish lakme –fashion week !

7) HAWW NO UPLOADING YET : Facebook is now our necessity and need of the hour. Tell anyone that you went to a family holiday to a water park and the photos still have their location .

Wednesday, 5 July 2017


Exhausted sitting at him this summer, well don't be on the grounds that JUST CHILL WATER PARK is here. It has water rides, adventure, swings and activities for kids. It's place where you will never get exhausted and a whole day won't be sufficient to do everything. It has nourishment court which has various cooking styles.
It's experience will abandon you enchanted the staff there are truly useful. The place is alright for children and they can have a ton of fun. The rides and the experience have just great to extraordinary, all at a sensible rate. Situated on Delhi-Sonipat Highway, this sprawling water park close Delhi has been outlined remembering the hard-surge that a Delhiites confront each day. Beat the worry by unwinding in this blissful resort with your loved ones.
Aside from all the exciting minutes in the water park, you can likewise savor a delightful remain in the resort as well. Unravel yourself while enjoying a variety of water slides, unwind in the pool and keep running over the prodding water splashes which will give you a chance to lose yourself in a moment. Considering all the previously mentioned alternatives, yet unquestionably appeals you with its out-of-the city area. You can either arrange a basic water stop excursion or can invest some quality energy with family and companions with a stay involvement in this delightful water resort.

Tuesday, 4 July 2017


Every day is meant to be fun! Don’t even waste your single and instead, celebrate and enjoy with your dear ones! Give time to your friends and family.

JUST CHILL WATER AND FUN PARK offers you the amusing rides under the beautiful sunny weather.  Come along with all kids and seniors fellows because we have everything for everyone.

The amusing rides for the kids are no less than a treat and of course a family get together is what the senior fellows demand nowadays. For them we also have the rest rooms. And hey we have not forgotten about your lust for good and tempting food.

The little things in the life give the best feeling. We have some antique played games for you which will make you nostalgic for sure.

So, visit us, rewind a little and go into the flashback with your little ones.  This is the ultimate place to go through euphoria. SO JUST CHILL

Monday, 3 July 2017

Kids Love Riding

" one must run with undertakings to discover where one has a place "

Stay yourself into the bold ride with Just chill . Just Chill Water and Fun Park gives you the most daring rides , it is an entire family day out place . From youthful ones to the older folks , everybody appreciates this astounding spot .

Amusement parks and Water Parks are a funfair to appreciate and get excited . Variety to the rides and models here we presented a dinosaurs mold , asserting it his new home . This a fun component added to the rundown of Just Chill . Experience the exceptional minutes and gain loads of new experiences . Get pulled in to the many stunning attractions . Go through this late spring excursion with your friends and family at Just Chill .